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Esthetics in Total Removable Prosthodontics

Esthetics in Total Removable Prosthodontics



From the impression tray to the denture: techniques for fabrication


Patients feel teeth loss as a worsening of the quality of life. Although in the last years prevention in dentistry has reached more and more comfortable levels, the lengthening of average life is often associated with an increase in the incidence of periodontal disease and loss of tooth support, causing complete edentulism over time. The overcoming of problems related to edentulous patients requires specific skills for the clinicians and stimulates the research of innovative technique and restorative materials. In fact, each laboratory and clinical step has to be performed in the respect of traditional concepts, from the extension to the basal areas to the precision of the interface between soft tissues and the impression surface of the denture, from the border molding to the modelling of the prosthesis, from a proper and physiological record of the intermaxillary relationships to the optimal mounting of the artificial teeth.

A 58-year old female patient presented with complete edentulism; she was not a smoker and was in good general health. The patient’s complaints regarded both function and communication, referring a severe discomfort in interpersonal relationships. Consequently, she requested for a radical rehabilitation of her mouth, paying particular attention to esthetics. Consequently, the aim of the prosthetic rehabilitation was the achievement of both optimal functional and esthetical results.